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About SARA

SARA aims to create a better work balance for health care professionals. To add to that, SARA aims to provide additional care to clients whom staff lack time for. The robot works as social entity in nursing homes to improve the quality of care where possible.



SARA is more than just a robot. Thanks to the advanced SARA-home system, she knows who she’s facing and can offer personalized care. Did your father always love gardening? SARA will pay extra attention to this in the form of, for example, a nice audio story. There is also a possibility for family to submit photos and videos that SARA can display to their loved ones. Thus, any interaction with SARA will be meaningful and will adapt to the personal preferences of the residents. Any residents’ disorders can also be taken account of, by easily entering them in the SARA-home system.

Stay active

In addition to entertainment, SARA makes a major contribution to keeping the body and brain active. Research has shown that activity slow the deterioration and progression of dementia. Unfortunately, it is not feasible in many health care institutions to comply with the recommended amount of activity. SARA provides additional support to the regular exercise of the residents to achieve the desired number of exercise moments. To add to that, SARA has a specially developed module for brain gymnastics. Using this, residents can keep their brains active at their own level by means of different games. The games are created in such a way that it forms a pleasant experience for the residents, while at the same time challenging their memory and keeping it active.

Flexible development together

SARA has been developed in collaboration with various health care institutions to ensure that it meets all the needs and expectations for health care. At the moment, SARA is still being developed by collecting feedback from the care facilities to select what actually provides relief for the health care professionals or improves the quality of life for residents. We like to brainstorm with the health care institutions and can provide flexible solutions where bottlenecks are found.