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About SARA:

What can SARA do?

The modules available for the SARA robot during the 1 month test demo: Music, stories, movement exercises, brain gymnastics and video calling. These five modules are packed with interesting activities for the residents. Think of a game where popular sayings have to be finished, listening to beautiful concerts or enjoying stories about old recipes. In addition to that, it is also possible to have video calls with family members, which is very valuable during this period.

Is SARA easy to use?

SARA is designed in such a way that everyone can use it. She will ask questions that have big yes / no buttons attached to them. If something is still not entirely clear, we will also send a manual.

Is the promotion ‘SARA stays over’ really free?

Yes! Healthcare institutions and hospitals can use the robot free of charge without obligation for a month. This way, we want to contribute to the fight against the “loneliness virus”. We also want to use this to relieve the workload of healthcare staff and informal caregivers during this extra difficult time.

How does this work for closed care institutions?

Safety is our number one priority. That is why we start with a very simple system. This system can be explained at the front door. Therefore, we do not need to enter the care institution or hospital.

What about the privacy of the residents?

Normally we use a program with which you can set up personal activities for individual residents. Right now, we mainly want to deliver added value quickly. That is why we do not currently use the residents’ personal data.


Does SARA require a wifi-connection?

Yes. A regular Wi-Fi network will suffice.

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