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Who is SARA?

Attention to its users

SARA is a care robot with a social character. She is specialized in improving the well-being of residents in a care environment. Next to that, SARA can reduce the workload of the health care professionals by providing support where necessary. SARA is developed to provide a solution to the increasing staff shortage in care and the ever-growing ageing population.

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A smile on every resident’s face

SARA offers an entertainment program in the form of different music styles and audio stories customized for your region and history. Due to the friendly appearance of SARA, the residents happily participate!

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Supporting the care plan

Keeping mind and body active is essential. SARA will support the residents in this, by offering specially developed gymnastics therapy. Next to that, SARA offers brain gym games to stimulate the residents’ cognitive activities.

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Stimulating local activities

SARA can be linked to the local activities calendar of your care facility. Is there a bingo night this evening? SARA will let your residents know!

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Every resident is unique

At SARA-Robotics, we know all too well that every resident is unique. In our easy-to-use SARA-home system, residents’ personal preferences can be indicated. This way, residents only sees what he/she finds interesting.

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