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Robotic colleague reduces work pressure in healthcare - 20/11/2019

Eindhoven – The Dutch organization Bright Cape has, within a European EIT Digital Innovation consortium, developed a robotic healthcare colleague to reduce work pressure in the health sector and maintain quality of care. SARA, is the colleague’s name. SARA stands for Social & Autonomous Robotic health Assistant. And SARA already works in two Dutch healthcare institutions. The results so far are encouraging that SARA will continue as a startup.

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Robot SARA continues as a start-up after successful pilot phase - 13/11/2019

Care group Elde Maasduinen tests care robot SARA. Residents and employees of Park Vossenberg in Kaatsheuvel, part of the care group, have already been introduced to the new employee. What do they notice from SARA? And can a care robot reduce the workload?

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Hospitals have to get rid of the hassle - 11/11/2019

To cope with the imminent personnel shortages in the hospitals, productivity has to increase significantly. ING thinks this can be achieved by streamlining more processes and especially by digitizing. If hospitals do not change the way they work, an immense personnel problem is imminent. Calculations show that in 2040 the healthcare institutions will need 170,000 more employees than now. And that while the working population is decreasing by 500,000 people.


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